Massage was never my go to choice for healing and relaxation. This year my body made the choice for me and so I asked Kiri if she had time to work with me. Having someone who I trusted was paramount to my decision. The fact that I knew how big hearted Kiri is as a person influenced my choice. Her generous heart translates right into how I feel on her massage table. I feel truly held in Kiri’s hands. Her approach is intuitive and masterful. She understands how to massage a body into healing, allowing the mind to release and for the bones, tissues and fluids to receive what they need so that vitality and clarity is restored. 

Her touch is kind and cradles me into a deeply soothing and relaxed state. As a teacher of yoga and Reiki healer it is a milestone in my own practice of self-care to heed my body’s wisdom in this respect. Receiving a healing treatment is not always the easiest for me, and yet her sessions always bring me into the sacred remembrance of the gentleness that becomes available when we surrender into the space of the soul. Thank you Kiri!

Andrea Frade, Certified Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Kyri is wonderful! I always look forward to my massages with her. She is intuitive, attentive, and always seems to know just what I need. I inevitably relax to the point of passing out on her - everytime!! Kyri is a perpetual student of the body; she keeps learning to keep her and her clients well, which I appreciate. Also there's great benefit to working with the same massage therapist, so she becomes familiar with your body and muscles. I always recommend Kyri to others!

Serena Ma, ND, MSAOM

Kiri is simply magical. I have had relaxing massages, therapeutic massages and most recently reflexology with her. Her instincts are right on point and she delivers exactly what I need in each session to walk out feeling better than when I came in.

Lynn Hazan

Kyri has a magnificent way and magical hands. Her reflexology is second to none; thorough, caring, heartfelt and healing.

Elena Brower, Author of Art of Attention

Easy rapport, expert hands, and sweet care, all leading to deep relaxation - i highly recommend Kyriaki

Laura Hoffman, NYC

Kyri is such a talented body magician! Getting beyond just the physical layers of the body, Kyri works sweetly and thoughtfully into the energetic body as well. No matter what the issue may be- i always feel incredible after being in her care: better in my body, a significant reduction in my stress levels and really just better equipped to deal with whatever life is offering. Make an appointment. And then make another. And then another!

Dana L. Covelo, Twisted Trunk studio co-founder & owner